What is DNA 1.0?

DNA 1.0 was the first edition of the Bosch startup accelerator program. The first chapter saw 10 startups graduating from a cohort under technical and business mentorship of Bosch experts. 4 of these startups are now working closely with either Bosch business units or as a vendor, co-developing the products, GTM partner, etc. on mutually explored use-cases and delving into potential engagement models.

Journey of startup with Bosch

Startup Journey

Startup Journey

Our Startups

Cosine Lab Logo SUCCESS

Team based out of Bangalore, building smart home solution products. Their solution consists of voice-based assistance platform AIME, entertainment solution and controller which can interact with all the devices in your home, making home a smarter place to live.

Cosine labs tied up with Bosch as a potential supplier engagement model and is working closely with Bosch business unit for smart home solutions.

Now, Bosch is looking at exploring more opportunities in smart home space in India along with the startup Cosine Labs.

Clean Slate Technology Logo SUCCESS

It’s a group of techies from Mumbai who started Clean Slate and developed an SDK kit for indoor localisation application and asset tracking.

Bosch business unit and Clean Slate are working in unison on the smart factory project which will soon become an integral part of Industry 4.0. Team Clean Slate got the exclusive opportunity to demonstrate their solution within the Bosch plant.

Clean Slate Technology Logo SUCCESS
trophy icon Winner of Elevate100 program, an initiative by the Government of Karnataka.

This team of young tech graduates from Delhi is attempting to build a robot which can cook food with just a push of a button.

The team got a great opportunity to get mentored from Bosch experts to transform their product from idea to actual working prototype. Design evaluation, mechanical fabrication of complicated parts, resolving issues related to sensors and other electronic hardware were availed by the startup and Bosch actively supported them towards developing the product.

Nymble Labs recently won “Elevate 100”, an initiative by the Government of Karnataka, and is working with Bosch team in a potential engagement model.

Clean Slate Technology Logo SUCCESS

A group of experienced professionals from aerospace domain started AerX Labs, a real-time flight simulator solution for training purpose.

Bosch aerospace team and AerX Labs team working together for a Govt of India project.

Autovrse Logo SUCCESS
trophy icon Winner of Elevate100 program, an initiative by the Government of Karnataka.

AutoVRse is a Bangalore-based startup and a Virtual Reality solution provider for the automotive industry.

BSH is a Bosch entity in home appliance space and manufactures dishwashers, washing machines and other products. BSH offers solutions to make homes smarter. In this attempt, Bosch and AutoVRse are working in unison on a BSH dishwasher virtual reality solution project in which AutoVRse is serving as the vendor. In the future, this association will expand across other VR projects of Bosch.

AutoVRse won “Elevate 100”, an initiative by the Government of Karnataka. This achievement was a value addition to AutoVRse for being a part of the DNA program.

Other Startups


An affordable solution for diabetic foot care solution

trophy icon Awarded KBI T5 Idea POC Grant

Integrated fail safe solution for passengers’ safety


Smart Earphones tracking brain activity and stress levels

trophy icon Gandhi Young Technological
Innovation Award from President of India

One App to navigate all Airports


Capture Pollution & make usable ink!

trophy icon Echoing Green Fellowship USA 2017